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Image by Latrach Med Jamil

What's in Bennet's Fridge?

The Full Story

I’m a fourth-generation baker. Just before the second world war, the Longbourne family moved from Lancashire to London and my great-grandfather opened specialty bakery called Cakes and More Cakes. All the cakes were from the North of England. Now they are a chain all over London and the range has broadened, although you’ll still find Lancashire specialities like Eccles Cake, Gingerbread (Parkin in Yorkshire), Goosnargh cakes (biscuits with caraway seed, covered with sugar), and Manchester Tart. So baking is in my blood and you might expect my fridge to be filled with dozens of eggs, pounds of butter, and pints and pints of heavy cream. Those will be in the shop fridge once my new premises have been finished. In my new flat in Chesney Hardcastle, I have a half-eaten container of butter chicken, a stick of unsalted butter, a packet with two lamb chops, some salad greens, two bottles of red wine and one of Prosecco, two punnets of berries, yogurt, and a roast chicken from Waitrose.  In the freezer are several tubs of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream, some pistachio gelato as well as small frozen pizzas..

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