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At First Sight (Global Security Unlimited 1)

In 2013, Max Grant, an emotionally damaged forty-year-old ex-MI6 operative, thinks he is finally ready for his own happily ever after, but a lifetime of secrets means he'll have to learn to open up if he wants to win over a woman who is afraid to trust. Max is CISO of CyberSec, the cybersecurity branch of Global Security Unlimited.

The woman in question, Cress Taylor, is a forty-five-year-old historical novelist who trusts her fictional character more than most people. She has spent her life feeling betrayed and abandoned. Only success as a writer has given her any sense of self-worth. With her career suddenly under attack by accusations of plagiarism, the attentions of a persistent, charming Briton are a frustrating distraction.

Cress and Max met, briefly, in the course of a pedestrian-bicycle collision when they were studying at Oxford University. Cress was a newly arrived American graduate student and Max was a third-year undergraduate. Twenty years later, now both living in Chicago, Max sees Cress in a television news interview and his world turns upside down.

Global Security Unlimited (GSU), located in the historic Rookery Building, is a full-service security company offering clients options in traditional security services under its subsidiary, WatchDog, Inc. CyberSec, its cybersecurity arm, specializes in security software for banks and other financial institutions as well as a full range of cybersecurity options for a wide range of businesses.

Founded in 2005 by computer wiz Clay Brandon and security specialist Jean-Louis Martin. Their innovative security software is used by financial institutions all over the world. GSU headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois, with offices in San Francisco, London, Bangkok, and Sydney.

At First Sight, a contemporary urban romance, will be published on October 22, 2021

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