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Random Thoughts and Pictures

Some favorite Cress and Max things

Cress lives in Rogers Park. She might take Max to walk along the lake at sunset. I live in Rogers Park too and this is the view from the beach at the end of my street.

One of Cress' favorite cities—Venice. Spritz al bitter is one of her favorite drinks. Why drink it with Aperol when you can have it with Campari? I agree. There's nothing like sitting outdoors at a bar overlooking the Grand Canal with a spritz and a bowl of potato chips with a friend or two. The light is extraordinary. No wonder JMW Turner was enchanted.

Cress has been invited to give a paper on historical research for novelists that taked place at a writers' conference in Venice. Will she get there? Find out in the second book in the series, At the Crossroads.

Something Cress and I both think about. Do other writers think about this too? Who are your favorite authors? What do you admire about them?

To me, this is a great representation of Max and Cress, courtesy of WeeBox.

Something Scottish from Max to Cress. These beautiful pieces are from Gracie J. The design name is Ilkley and they are a wonderful representation of the Scottish landscape that Max loves.


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