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Sharon Michalove

Romance and Mystery

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Do You Love Coffee, Eclairs, and Books?

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I love them all. If you do too, pull up a chair and check out my books. I create romantic suspense and mystery with a soupçon of humor and a lot of food. My seasoned romance proves love has no age limit. Stories that prove second chances happen, enemies become friends, and friends become lovers. Stories that show no two happy endings are the same. At the core of every story is love.

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Free Story

Grace Cromwell and her husband, Chris, had dreamed for years of a real English Christmas and finally it looks like their fantasy will come true. But when Chris dies unexpectedly, Amanda goes alone to a charming fifteenth-century English inn. There she meets Mark Sinclair, the owner. He's charming and single, but harbors an inner sadness. Perhaps Christmas will bring surprising gifts to both of them.

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Released and Coming Soon

Four enchanting stories


In "Aegean Persuasion," 70-year-old Dame Agatha Carstairs is invited on a mysterious cruise to the Greek Islands, that just happens to coincide with her birthday. Amid the wonders of Ithaca, will she find danger or delight?


"Colonel Fitzwilliam Meets His Match" is a riff on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Henry Fitzwilliam has been summoned to Rosings Park to attend the Twelfth Night Party that his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh is holding. When he meets  his cousin Anne’s lady companion, Ophelia Hampton, he is enchanted, despite himself, by the accomplished but penniless orphan. Sir Thomas Wheelwright, a landholder in the district, has also shown a marked interest in the young woman. Can Fitzwilliam overcome the expectations of his family and woo her, or will he allow his rival to scoop up the prize?

In "Partridge's and Gold Rings," Ian Grant is back in Scotland just in time for Max and Cress’ wedding. When Cress insists he join them for a few days in Edinburgh, he gives in grudgingly. The prospect of the joint festivities of marriage and Christmas feel more like a burden than a celebration. 

     Mary Louise Young and her mother are touring European Christmas markets. In Edinburgh she decides to explore the evening market. Ian,  having dropped his contact lenses, blunders into Mary Louise, knocking her down. He takes her to a cafe to recover and finds himself enamored.  Back at her hotel, they find that their stay will overlap for two days and he offers to give her an in-depth tour of the city.

     Then Mary Louise ’s mother suffers a mishap at the New Town market and the tour is no longer an option. Can Ian convince them to enjoy a highland holiday? And will a flock of willful partridges lead to a gold ring?

"Melting the Iceman" is hockey romance and the prequel to an upcoming series about the Chicago Seabirds hockey team.

     When Chicago Seabirds star Merritt Alexander has to retire from hockey, he withdraws from everything, including his fiancée, Heather Cantrell. Five years later, he’s found a new life on the ice as part owner of a company that specializes in Antarctic cruises.

     Shattered by his disappearance, Hay has thrown all of her energy into photojournalism. An Antarctic cruise company wants her to document their newest offering to celebrate the discovery of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship, Endurance. 

     Like two icebergs, the Iceman and the Photog glide toward each other. Will they crash and splinter, or melt into a happy ending?

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