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Explore the World of My Books

I love to write about places I know, and places I would like to know. The Global Security Unlimited series is based in Chicago, but moves to London, the Scottish Highlands, and Paris. In future books, you will find characters traveling to places like Vancouver, San Francisco, Venice, and Istanbul.

Death in the North is all about the mitten, Northern Michigan. Greg and Bay live in Sherburne on the shores of Lake Michigan and team up to solve a series of murders right on their doorstep. But you may find them in Detroit, Mackinac Island, and Sault Ste. Marie.

The Chesney Hardcastle cozy mysteries take place in Hampshire, England, firmly in Jane Austen country. Miss Marple meets Mr. Darcy in a cook off for the ages.

City Skyline

Global Security Unlimited

Woman Chef

Sherburne, Michigan

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Chesney Hardcastle

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