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All That's Goode (and a promo at the end)

You might, or might not, know that I am huge fan of Matthew Goode. Not only is he fantastically Goode-looking, but his name is so pun-worthy. As a life-long anglophile, Matthew is the very model of the English gentleman that I grew up loving through reading, films, and later through Masterpiece Theater. And in real life he seems to be charming, funny, devoted to family, and just a really nice guy.

Even though I had seen him for years—I saw him early in his career in Woody Allen's "Match Point"—for some reason it was "The Discovery of Witches" that put him firmly on my radar. I haven't fan-girled so much since I was a teenager and infatuated with the swashbuckling Stewart Granger.

One of my writing goals for 2022 is a book that revolves around the mystery of a rare manuscript. It takes place in Cecil Court, London, a Mecca for rare book collector. It was a place my husband, Peter, who was a rare map collector, always visited when we were in London. My main character, rare book dealer Alex Sheremetov, looks like Matthew Goode, and my heroine, librarian Nicola Craig, mistakes him for the actor when she sees him at an auction. I'd like to write it this year with a publication date early in 2023.

My holiday treat has been to seek out his various performances. I started by rewatching series 1 and 2 of "A Discovery of Witches" in preparation for the release of season 3, which starts on January 8. Right now, episode 6 of season 2 is my hands-down favorite. If you haven't seen it, give it a try. It is available on AMC+, which is having a sale right now--$1.99/month. Try it out for January and you can also see Matthew in the black comedy, "Silent Night" and "The Wine Show," where he partners with other actors and experts to the explore the world of wine. Three seasons are available, but he mostly does cameos in season three.

I also found him in a Ryan Reynolds movie from a few years ago, "Self/less."

Then I went to an actual movie theater to see him in the just-released "The King's Man." Enjoyable if you like history, World War I, and British costume drama in general. Because of the war scenes, especially, it is worth seeing on the big screen.

I just started watching the Stephen Poliakoff mini series, "Dancing on the Edge." It is available free for members on Amazon Prime, and also on Tubi. Lots of commercials, unfortunately, but excellent. Matthew plays Sidney Mitchell, a music journalist who is instrumental in bringing a black British jazz band into prominence in the early 1930s. And he is not upper-class in this production.

Still waiting for "The Colour Room," all about Clarice Cliff, the pioneering ceramicist and feminist. Matthew plays Colley Shorter, her boss and, eventually her husband. Sky has only been released in the UK so far.

I admit that I haven't seen his episodes of "The Good Wife," and while excellent as Anthony Armstrong-Jones in "The Crown," he only had two episodes. Disappointing. I wanted more. His turns as Henry Talbot in seasons five and six of Downton Abbey are definitely worth watching but I haven't seen the first film. Even though he is not in the trailer, evidently he will be in the second film as well.

For a taste of Matthew, try YouTube. Interviews and outtakes abound. Or enjoy this video of clips to bring some extra joy into your new year.

If you're a fan too, tell me what your favorite performances are. If you are unfamiliar with Matthew, what do you think you'd want to see first?


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