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Do You Know The Proclaimers?

UPDATE: April 21, 2021

When I published this blog on Monday, I didn’t realize that it was David Tennant’s birthday. A belated happy birthday, David. How can I not recognize Max Grant’s doppleganger–except for the hair color.

If you want to know more about David, here’s a link to a great article,

Scottish Government, CC BY 2.0

I’m about halfway through the first draft of book two of the Global Security Unlimited series. When I started planning the books, I wasn’t expecting a second book about Max and Cress, but when I finished book one, I realized that their story wasn’t finished. The new book will be titled At the Crossroads and I hope to release it in May 2022.

This is from a recently written scene. Cress and Max are in London, staying at The Milestone Hotel in Kensington. In this scene, Cress is having breakfast with Kath Brandon, the wife of Max’s boss, Clay.


We greedily grab plates from the spread at the other end of the room. I’m piling mine with smoked salmon, sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, fruit, a croissant, and then try to balance it with a bowl of porridge, asking the server if I could have a dram of whisky.

He winks at me. “The Scottish influence,” he says wisely. “Just been to the Highlands?”

“My partner is Scottish.”

“Well, I hope he’s a proper Outlander romance hero.”

I giggle. Max is definitely no Jamie Fraser, and I’m glad he’s not. I can see Sam Heughan’s appeal but Max’s dark hair and long, lean body is more to my taste. I turn to my companion, who has a few pieces of fruit and a danish on her plate. Her grin is wide.

“Oooh, Jamie,” she moans, as we get back to the table. “Clay is so much like him.” She turns to the server, who has followed us with the whisky. “Her boyfriend,” she points at me, “is more like Doctor Who. I scored the Jamie Fraser lookalike.”

“Which Doctor?” he asks curiously.

“David Tennant with dark hair and glasses. And Scottish too.”

“Is ‘I’m Gonna Be’ his favorite song?”

The Doctor Who version with the Proclaimers and David Tennant immediately starts playing as a film in my head. “We’ve never discussed it,” I splutter. “But he’s not a huge music fan.”


If you’ve never seen it, here’s the link. It’s a riot.

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