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It’s All Happening

This week brings several milestones. First, I get to celebrate my seventieth birthday with seventy of my closest friends—well, the people coming to.Julie and Sandy’s Reader’s Appreciation Weekend at Mountain Lake Lodge in Virginia. Some of them are already friends, and I hope the others will be.

Mountain Lake Lodge is located in Pembroke, Virginia, and is known at the place where the movie ”Dirty Dancing” was filmed. We should be there at the perfect time for leaves, so this is what I hope to see.

I have to admit that I have never seen the movie, but we are having a movie night, so I guess my time is coming.

On the same day as my birthday, At First Sight will be released. What a coincidence—not. I decided that I should celebrate my birthday with my release day. And the next day, I will get to participate in a book signing at the retreat. What a trifecta of a weekend.

Click here for the first chapter of At First Sight. You can order the ebook on Amazon or the paperback at your favorite local bookstore or online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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