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Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee--with a Side of Art

This is a meme that speaks to me, both as a mystery writer and as a coffee drinker. How about you? Do you drink coffee, tea, or something else?

I admit that I also drink tea, but, when I get up, I need my coffee. Usually two big cups will start my engine, although I might have an espresso after dinner. Espresso has less caffeine than you might imagine and a doppio (double espresso) won't keep me awake.

Coffee's influence on art can't be overemphasized. Bach even wrote "The Coffee Cantata" an opera-like piece to highlight (and criticize) the hold coffee had on life in eighteenth-century Europe. If you are intrigued you can listen here then check out this blog post.

From SoundCloud

Artists have also created many works that depict coffee and coffee drinking. DailyArt Magazine recently had a fascinating article, which talked about why coffee was a popular subject and showed some great art. Some of the highlighted artists and their work are: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri Matisse, Paul Cezanne, Jean Metzinger, Jean-Edouard Vuillard, Joan Miro, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, and Vincent van Gogh.

"Is there anything more delightful than a cup of hot coffee? It turns out that yes, there is, and it’s coffee in art! Coffee has been subject matter for artists for a long time now. They loved it the same way we do nowadays and it might have also been an important element of their daily lives."

Enjoying coffee, painting by unknown artist. Pera Museum, IstanbulWikipedia Commons

Some baristas are also creating artwork to bring extra enjoyment when you savor the masterpieces of the coffeemaker's art. Just make sure you take a picture before you start.

So sip some coffee, listen to some music, and view some art. What a great way to start your day.

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