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Sunday, Sunday

Apricot danish from Pflour Bakery, purchased at the Glenwood Farmer's Market, August 1, 2021

In the summer, before Cress ever met Max, one of her Sunday pleasures was the Glenwood Farmers' Market, just a few blocks from her condo. Nestled into the embankment for the Red Line, it extended south from Lunt to Morse, a mere block in length. Although small, the market had everything from prepared foods to bakery items to cheese, meat, tofu salads, and of course fruits and vegetables.

Glenwood Sunday Market

Now a typical Sunday morning for Max and Cress might mean Sunday brunch, a popular pastime in Chicago. Max's house is in the Gold Coast area of Chicago, so they are spoiled for choice. Favorites include 3rd Coast Cafe, 3 Arts Club, and Blue Door. Occasionally they might venture to West Loop and have brunch at Avec or Au Cheval. Cress is a fan of Big Jones in Andersonville where they can fill up on New Orleans and southern specialties.

If Max has a rugby game, they might make waffles and back bacon; omelets filled with cheese; or menemen, a Turkish egg dish made with tomatoes and green peppers, to pair with Cress' coffee and Max's English Breakfast tea before Max turns up to play with the other old timers. Keeping up with the twenty-somethings isn't easy when you're forty.

Turkish menemen (BBC Food)

This Sunday, I met with my writing group at Charmer's Cafe. We sat outside and chatted, then broke up to write or read. After a while, I left to go to the farmer's market. Because of the pandemic, the market has moved from its cozy spot on Glenwood to the parking lot across the street from where I live, allowing more space for vendors and for social distancing. Convenient for me, eh?

Charmer's Cafe (Photo from Block Club)

I'd like to say that I came home with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, but the only produce in my market basket was cherries. Besides those I bought three types of bread, several desserts and pastries, two kinds of marshmallows, some barbecued brisket, and a Jamaican meat patty. The picture of the apricot danish was taken just before I ate it a few minutes ago.

Next week our writing group will be back to Zoom, but the chance to see a few friends on a sunny, cool, Sunday morning was a treat not to be missed.

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