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Talking Time

Let me start with the disappointment. Sunday was marked on my calendar to see a sneak peak of Miss Holmes Returns, coming soon to Lifeline Theater. I arrived in good time, since I live just around the corner. Oddly, only a small group was there, and none of them were patrons, waiting for the chance to see some things about the show.

Finally, someone came out and asked me who I was waiting for. Turned out that the sneak peek had been canceled and I hadn't been notified. Oh well, these things happen and they did show me the set and I met the adapter and a couple of other people including the actress playing Dr. Watson. Still, what do you do when your plans fall through? Do you just drag yourself home? Find some other source of entertainment? Shop? Or seek solace in food?

In my case, I walked down the next block to Rogers Park Provisions, a cute food and wine emporium, where I, well, bought provisions. And tasted a couple of very good ryes and a nice white wine.

I shopped and yakked to the sales clerk about food, and books and writing. I mentioned ways in which the store had changed in the three years since I had last been in. And I noticed, when time was involved, the way we marked it was before COVID and now. And I wondered how long the beginning of the pandemic will be a marker. I've noticed that some people now say post-pandemic to designate now, but the pandemic is still with us, so I find that a bit uncomfortable.

Here's what I bought. Doesn't it all look yummy? (Note, I did not say healthy.)

How do you think and talk about time? Is it marked by events or in some other way? Comments are welcome.

And speaking of time--only two more days until the release of Dead in the Alley. I'm excited find out what readers think of Bay and Greg's story. And whether they can identify the murderer. Click on the photo for the link.

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