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Who Wins? Cress and Max's Musical Challenge

Cress listens to classical music. Max tries to avoid music. Although Cress can surprise you with unexpected choices when she needs to cheer herself up.

I grab a compilation CD. Mozart and Haydn won’t cut it today. The disc slides smoothly into the player and I crank up the volume. Awkward dance is the name of my game as I wave my arms and slide back and forth to The Beach Boys “I Get Around, “Help Me, Rhonda,” and “Good Vibrations.” Segue to Carole King. Rock out to the Eagles. Skate over the hard-wood floor to The Pretender. I mouth the words to “If Today Was Your Last Day.” The cats stare at me, then cat dance around the house. After twenty minutes, “Chelsea Dagger” ends the set. Hawks win—do I?

So what happens when they challenge each other to create a playlist that epitomizes their relationship journey?

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