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You Know You Have It, But ...

Has this happened to you? You need something and you're sure that you have some in the house. But you can't find it, even though you put somewhere logical and memorable? That happened to me with the water filter for my refrigerator. I buy two at a time, and I knew that I had one left. But it didn't seem to be in any of the usual places.

Sometimes, I find that the best way to find something I know I have is to buy more of it. So I did. I bought two more filters after days of looking for the one I thought I had.

Sure enough, last night, when I was putting some things away in a closet, I saw a familiar-looking, long, thin, rectangular white box on the back of a shelf. And then there were three so I put it with the other two, ready for their call up when the change filter light goes on again. I just hope I can find them again when I need one.


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