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This week I have traveling and publishing news.


I have several trips coming up in the next few months, mostly related to books and writing.

From late April into May, I will be at the Malice Domestic Mystery Con in Bethesda, Maryland, followed by my second year at the the Career Authors Retreat outside Boston. At Malice I will be on a panel about how the past influences the story in a thriller.

At the beginning of June I will hang out in Appleton, Wisconsin, first at Cop Camp and then at the last Writers' Police Academy. Excited to make connections and be involved in hands-on experiences. This year I might actually try shooting a gun!

Later in June I am going to a two-week workshop on creating handmade, handprinted books in Venice. Watch out for a plot that fits into this scenario.


Scheduled Releases:

April: "Aegean Persuasion" in a new anthology about happy endings for older protagonists

August: "Colonel Fitzwilliam Meets His Match" in Austen Tea Party

At the Ready (Global Security Unlimited 3)

November: "Partridges and Gold Rings" in Mistletoe and Markets

January: "Melting the Iceman" in Second Time's the Charm

What I'm writing:

Murder at the Great Jane Austen Cook Off (will be querying agents by September 2023, first of a projected six books)

At the Breach (Global Security Unlimited 4) projected release date 2024

Dead in the Studio (Murder in the North Country 2) projected release date 2024

At the Edge: Code Silver (Global Security Unlimited 5) projected release date in 2025

Dead in Ushuaia (Murder in the North Country 3) projected release date in 2025

Dead in the Grand Hotel (Murder in the North Country 4) projected release date in 2025

New series I'm thinking about:

Chicago Seabirds Hockey Team (hockey romance)

Rare book dealer in the UK (mystery)

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